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Sellotape Zero Plastic, 24mm x 30m

Product Code: VDL

Sellotape® Zero Plastic is plant-based tape and totally plastic free. The tape film is cellulose, produced from wood pulp, whilst the adhesive on the film is based on natural rubber. Packaging is 100% recycled: The central core of the tape roll and its packaging are produced from recycled cardboard. Packaging is recyclable and can be put into the recycling bin Sellotape® Zero Plastic is a General Purpose 50 µm (micron) Stationery Tape (similar thickness to Sellotape Original tape) and has a minimum shelf life 18 months from date of manufacture under normal indoor conditions. It is acid free so will not damage photos or bleach materials adhered to eg. Paper, Card. Sellotape Zero Plastic® will not give a "ghosting" appearance when photocopied and is ultra clear, especially important on white paper. It is anti-static and anti- tangle. Sellotape Zero Plastic® has the same or even higher adhesive strength and holding power than Sellotape® Original Golden - important for sealing jiffy bags, small parcels and letters. It will retain its adhesive strength in normal indoor conditions indefinitely if not exposed to direct sunlight.

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